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How to Eliminate Alcohol Breath

Normal breath fresheners just will not work to cover up bad breath from food, tobacco, or alcohol. Because alcohol is assimilated through the digestive system, the only way for our body to clean and get rid of it is through our digestive organs.

As it is being processed through the body, the alcohol in our system seeps out of the skin and lungs. So needless to say, the smell is hard to get rid of. This can lead to an embarrassing situation if not taken care of.
Luckily for you I have the tips and tricks for taking care of bad breath fast and without costing a fortune!

How to Eliminate Alcohol Breath 
This is a guide for the best products to use to get rid of and eliminate alcohol breath.

As a side note, I am completely against drinking and driving. Do not be stupid. Drinking and driving can and will ruin your life, and other innocent peoples lives. One of the best ways to prevent driving buzzed is to invest in a portable breathalyzer. This may cost a little bit of money, but if you are a social drinker then you could do yourself a huge favor by having one of these little guys handy.

Methods That Will not Eliminate Alcohol Breath

Before we get to what will work, lets talk about what will not work. It seems that everybody at a party has a good way to cover up your alcohol or tobacco breath. 
While some of these bad breath strategies will work, the following suggestions are some of the ways that will not work.

1. Put a penny in your mouth - (If you want your breath to smell like copper flavored beer, this strategy is for you)

2. Brushing your teeth or using Listerine - (This will help for the tobacco breath, but the alcohol will come from your stomach, so while it helps, it will not eliminate it)

3. Peanuts or Peanut Butter - (Can help mask the smell, but if you drank more than three drinks, it will still be noticeable. )

4. Eating a raw onion - (Who in their right mind would want to do that?)

Another thing to remember is that this is not a guide on how to beat a breathalyzer, but a way to clean up your mouth and cover up a smell that you would rather not have people smelling. There is just about nothing you can do to pass a breathalyzer if you have been pounding shots and beers all night!

How to Hide Alcohol Bad Breath 

Proven Solutions to cover up alcohol on breath!

1. The first way to eliminate alcohol breath is a combination of pharmaceutical grade bentonite clay and activated charcoal. These are the two great ingredients that work to hide alcohol bad breath.
They both have been proven to work when used together, and have gotten great reviews from many people. The combination of these two substances absorb and expel alcohol from your digestive system.

Now Foods: Bentonite Powder  
Bentonite Powder for Bad Breath 

Bentonite powder comes from the leftover volcanic eruptions. It has been used for a long time with Indian cleansing rituals and has history of healing and purifying people who use it. This is a 1 lb bottle that is priced well below $20. I myself use this brand and have had no complaints at all.
You can get the Bentonite Powder from Amazon, and have a supply that will last you a long, long time.

Nature's Way Activated Charcoal  
Nature Way Activated Charcoal 

A unique formulation that is designed to help individuals reduce their amount of body odor. The Nature's Way brand comes with 100 capsules, and is one of the best sellers on Amazon because it truly helps with gassy stomachs.
It helps people with bad breath, gas, and other odors on the body. Many hunters take these supplements a month before season to help decrease the risk of being scented by wild game.

2. The second and "Best Method" of getting rid of alcohol breath is a combination of the two supplements mentioned earlier, Bentonite Powder & Activated Charcoal, in a new candy.
AntiPoleez Frat pack - Alcohol and Bad Breath Mints(12 individual packs) 360 Drops 

Antipoleez Alcohol and Bad Breath Mints

These powerful mints are awesome! One breath mint controls alcohol bad breath resulting from drinking alcohol, and smoking tobacco. You will not get the masked scent of breath fresheners and gum. They get good reviews on Amazon and is one of the better ways to cover up eliminate and prevent others from smelling your breath.
Antipoleez will eliminate the odor. These tablets only contain natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals that you may find in other products.